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J Crew 2012 Early Fall Picks (cont’d)

J Crew 2012 Early Fall Picks

Only by night. Obsessed. 

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Spring Fashion at J Crew 

Biggie Small

March 9th is the anniversary of Biggie Small’s death, probably the greatest rapper that ever lived. 


I don’t typically write about things I hate, I like to share the things that rocked my world and I don’t bother to write about the stuff that didn’t work. Things that are mediocre might be brilliant for someone else.

I’ve heard about Kate Somerville in numorous magazines and I’m pretty sure the Exfolikate item is one of their top sellers. I was excited to try this fabulous green mask that promised amazing glowing skin. BOY WAS I WRONG! Immediately after applying the green mask my face began to burn painfully. I do not have sensitive skin and am pretty tolerant of most chemical exfoliants. I couldn’t take the mask off fast enough (within seconds of applying) and was left with bright red skin and any open wounds were scarred even more. 

Dear readers, avoid this item like your face counted on it.